Holiday Luncheon: December 12,  2018

​11:00 am
Holiday Luncheon

Lightkeepers' Cottage

15 Lighthouse Lane, Cohasset


Photograher Kirsten Torkelson will show us how to get a better photo of the garden. Whether you are using the camera on your phone or an actual camera, there is so much you can do to ensure a great photo. Kirsten will show us how to improvise tools such as backgrounds and light filters as well as how to make the most out of challenging conditions.

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All Board Meeting start at 10:00 am Hingham Public Library, Fearing Room

Martha Chiarchiaro will lead us on an exploration of the work of Maria Sibyl Merian, botanical artist of the 17th century, and Rachel Ruysch, international master of the floral still life in the 17th and early 18th centuries.

Meeting: January 16, 2019
“Architectural Plants for the Summer Landscape ”
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 


​General Meetings 2018-2019

Meeting: May 15, 2019
“Le Bouquet Rond - Spiral Hand-tied Bouquets”
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 

Tony Todesco is a Floral Designer and National Garden Clubs Master Flower Show Judge. He will bring his colorful style and expertise, coupled with his creative use of plant material and tech- nical knowledge to our club to create seven unique arrangements. We will have an opportunity drawing, so bring cash and you may be lucky enough to take one home!    

Meeting: September 19, 2018 
“Art In Bloom Roadshow”
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 

The French, hand-tied, spiral bouquet is created in the designer’shand and not in a container — a technique that requires proper selection, conditioning and preparation of materials. Focusing on the design principles of scale, texture, repetition and color theory, Nancy Vargas of Le Jardin Blanc will demonstrate three distinct uses of this design technique. All three bouquets will be wrapped in cellophane with a water source, perfect to take home or give as gifts. We will have an opportunity drawing, so bring cash and you may be lucky enough to take one home!


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June 13,  2018
Annual Meeting & Luncheon

​“Techniques and Secrets of Botanical Arts Entries”
Location to be announced

Suzanne Mahler will show us how to discover the beauty, ele- gance, and design advantages of using statuesque plants as focal points and for vertical interest to meld shorter plants with taller trees and shrubs in the landscape.

With branches from living trees and slides of trees in bloom throughout the growing season, Nancy Riggs will guide us in identifying some of the loveliest trees that can grace our own back yards. 


Have you ever wondered how flower show exhibitors make jewelry and other items out of plant material? Sarah Boynton, flower show award winner, will show you how! She will share techniques, secrets and planning ideas that help create winning entries for flower shows. Sarah will present a slide show and explain how she collects and treats plant materials to create her entries.


Meeting: November 14, 2018
“Floral Design Presentation, Tony Todesco”
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 

Meeting:  February 13, 2019
“The Floral Work of Women Artists of the Seventeen Century”
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 

The Olmsted firm was much more than its founder Frederick Law Olmsted. For more than one hundred years, the creative minds at the Olmsted Firm created visually compelling and accessible green spaces designed to restore and nurture the body and spirit. Arleyn Pringle-Levee will show us examples of private, institutional and commercial work as well as community design that cover a wide variety of styles but illustrate the unifying de- sign principles of the Olmsted firm.

Meeting: April 17, 2019
“How to Take a Better Photograph of Your Garden, No Matter What Kind of Camera You Use”
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 

In this presentation, you will hear the behind the scenes story of Art in Bloom, the MFA’s festival of art and flower, includingstunning images of recent floral interpretations of Museum masterpieces. There will be a live floral interpretation of a work of art, accompanied by expert flower arranging tips. We will have an opportunity drawing for the floral arrangement created by the talented MFA staff. 

Meeting: October 17, 2018
“The Trees Around Us” 
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 

Meeting: March 20, 2019
“The Olmsted Legacy: Rediscovering Its Creators ”
9:30am, Whiton Room, Hingham Public Library 


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