The most requested field trip by garden club members will be to the highly photographed Wicked Tulips Flower Farm in Rhode Island. Tour and photograph fields of tulip and participate in the u-pick event to brighten your day! The date is to be determined based on weather between mid April and mid May.

Cost is @$15 and will be non-refundable, Lunch TBD Meet at Resurrection Church Parking lot at 9am

October Field Trip

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Christmas at the Breakers Mansion 

Newport, Rhode Island


Spring Field Trip

Date TBD (mid April to mid May)
Wicked Tulips Flower Farm

Johnson, RI

The glitter of gold and the sparkle of silver will dazzle you as you tour the Breakers Mansion decked out in Yuletide finery!! Poin- settias, fresh flowers, evergreens, Christmas trees and wreaths will fill the mansion. The dining table will be set with period china and silver. An audio tour will provide information of the history and traditions of the breakers.

Parking is available on site.
Cost is $18, payable at the Mansion. Lunch is TBD Meet at Resurrection Church at 9:00 am

Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 10:30 tour
Flax Pond Farms

Carver, MA 

Flax Pond Farms is a family owned farm consisting of 100 acres, 34 of which are cranberry producing bogs! The cranberry bogshave been in production since early 1890’s and today produce150-200 barrels per acre for Ocean Spray Cranberries. Come and learn more about cranberries, cranberry farming including how water and natural pests are managed, farm equipment, antique harvesting implements and artifacts. We will visit the FlaxPond’s 120 year old sorting process and if harvesting at the time,view water harvesting!

Cost is $5, payable at the Farm. Lunch is TBD Meet at Resurrection Church at 9:30am

The Garden Club of Hingham

November Field Trip

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